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AITA for kicking my son out of the house? Okay I know the title sounds bad but just listen. I (36m) and my foster child (17m) having been fighting these last several years over about everything. He doesn't want to spend time with me anymore. He spends every weekend with his friends in New York, volunteering at some organization.He still made it a priority to show up and it’s entirely possible that something out of his own control made him that 5 minutes (not even missing any of the meeting) late. You cannot allow your jealousy of what he chooses to dedicate his time to and fear of becoming less important to him dictate how you treat him.

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Around like 8-9 months ago my son came up to me and asked me what plans did I had for the house, he explained that he wanted to buy a house before his marriage and would …“AITA For Telling My Son It’s Not My Fault That He [Messed] Up And He Can’t Blame Me” Story by Denis Krotovas • 1mo Raising children can be difficult. After …AITA for selling "my daughter's" car? I (56M) have a son (28M) and a daughter (22F). I like both of my kids equally however they are different individuals with different lives so I help them based on their needs. My son did not do well in high school and went to a community college and decided it was not for him after a semester and went to ...You didn't steal your sons dog. Your son doesn't have a dog. He hasn't put a single penny, an ounce of work into his care, he has shown no sense of responsibility towards the leaving breathing animal he asked for. Zeus is YOUR dog, be prepared to pro5ect him from your son. NTA. I (F32) got a private text this morning from the mother of my son’s (M7) classmate. She told me that apparently my son has been calling her daughter’s traditional lunch weird and things as such and apparently that is making her daughter feel uncomfortable and insecure. She asked me to please talk to my son about being more sensitive and ...UPDATE: AITA for “favouring” my step son? UPDATE. Hi everyone, I just wanted to update you all as a lot of you seemed concerned. But before I start, I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I sounded a bit defensive in my replies. I’ve been getting a lot of mean messages saying really cruel things about my stepson and his family members and ...He soon went no contact. He visited me and we talked normally for some time. Then he started asking me for my car; he asked me if I could give him my car, so he could sell it to pay off his debts. I told him no, immediately. I needed the car for my new job, since it was in the neighboring city. AITA for forcing my son to sell the car he is inheriting? This didn’t happen yet but my whole family is fighting over this. I’ll try to make this as short as possible. My father passed …Apr 22, 2023 · Another user asked throwaway205813 what his late father would say if he knew the son would be selling the painting to pay for a wedding. Throwaway205813's said he was "honestly not sure" how his ... May 11, 2022 · A mother under the username u/Safety-Light3099 has recently shared a post on Reddit of how she ended up using her 17-year-old son's "camp savings" to pay for the damages on his stepbrother's car ... AITA for selling my sons dog. This story starts with my son m19 getting ground for sneaking out. He was caught sneaking out of the house and so I grounded him for a month keep in mind this is not the first time he has tried to sneak out. So a few days later after I grounded him, I was having Milo (my son) help me clean the house so we clean the ... YTA for giving 1/4 of your children 2 million dollars and 3/4 of your children nothing. Honestly they could have helped all of their kids. They could have sold it for 3mil, keep 1mil to buy the beach condo and split 2mil between 4 …So for my son's 18th birthday my wife and I decided to buy him a car. We bought him a new sedan, it was a little over 30k. He was very appreciative, though he said he didn't need a brand new one. Everything was in his name. Almost immediately he sells it to carmax and gets some old cheap no frills sedan with roll-up windows. I feel like a terrible person for putting my old house up for sale, and making her and my son move out in January 2020. However, I also feel like it is her responsibility to keep a roof over her own head, and that I have gone above and beyond to help her. I would gladly take my son at my new house full-time if she cannot secure housing for herself.My 7 & 11 year olds couldn't find a thing, but my 14 year old went to my fiance and told him he found the dollar and gave it to him. My fiance lost it and started yelling "Aaaa gotcha now!". My son was confused. Turns out, my fiance didn't lose any money and lied about the dollar to see how the kids would react.

Parenting. I moved across the country when my son was 21, injured, and still needed me. It was the best decision for both of us. Essay by Melissa Drake. The author and her son. …Looking back, it was an excellent call by my parents - he was way too much of a Mama’s Boy, and I did end up finishing my degree. Bulletin dodged. He ended up ballooning to over 450 lbs and became a “stay at home dad” (I’m guessing it was difficult to get a job in his industry at his weight) for many years before dying of a heart attack in his sleep at 40.AITA for selling my Husband’s old action figures to a children’s hospital? I (23M) have a husband (25M) who had a box of Dragon ballZ action figures from when he was a child. He has not touched these action figures for years and he keeps them in the attic. I constantly bring up the idea of him donating these figures to a children’s ...The house is an asset that was left to you to do as you please. It is absurd for anybody in your family to assume that you would live in the house for life. Just wait, they WILL ask for some of the money to help them get over the trauma of you selling the house. Just remember: "No" is a complete sentence. MegC18.AITA? Comment down below and make sure to subscribe!Channel link:

AITA For selling my house which would cause my in-laws to be homeless. My wife was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. She fought as hard as she could for as long as she could, but she sadly passed away 6-months ago. We never had kids and both were very career focused. After my wife's diagnosis, she wanted her parents to move in with us because ... Very much my thoughts. Everyone loves a revenge story, but therr are children whose lives are made worse because the OP decided not to notify his brother he was selling up. In moving house, 2 months vs 1 month notice is a big deal.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. After he passed away, I kept his favorite car. My brother in law . Possible cause: My husband (58 M) and I (56 F) recently met my son’s (24 M) girlfriend for the first time.

He only found out about trips while he was on the way to them. This continued until my son turned 19 and my ex remarried, removing me from her focus. My son is now 20 and has found out that we purposely did this for most of his childhood and he is furious. He says we treated him as an outsider. I apologized profusely, as did my wife.She is somebody else’s problem to raise, and happily not yours. [deleted] •. NTA. But you missed a great opportunity to teach your son, his girlfriend, and your daughter about setting boundaries and being kind. Sometimes, if you talk to people, and give them an opportunity to do better, they'll do exactly that.

I sat down with Fuckstick a few days ago and laid out the plan for him. Between now and Christmas he could have: -3 square meals of thin soup (sitting at the table) a day. -1 square meal of solid food (sitting on the floor) 3 times a WEEK. or -1 square meal of solid food (sitting at the table) once a WEEK.OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: I cancelled my teenager daughter's birthday after she stole from her sister, sold the doll she stole, and used the money to buy clothes. My daughter's friends, and other relatives claim that cancelling her birthday was too far and that I shouldn't have pushed ...

Not the A-hole. My step-children’s mother wants I have 7 children from the ages 1.5 to 238, my 3rd youngest (35) has a girlfriend (15) that hangs around the house all the time. This frustrates me because our house is so SMALL and she ISN'T RIGHT FOR MY SON she smells like BLUE CHEESE. (VISIT RJ. DAVIDS AUTOS TODAY AND GET GREAT DEALS ON USED VEHICLES!So for my son's 18th birthday my wife and I decided to buy him a car. We bought him a new sedan, it was a little over 30k. He was very appreciative, though he said he didn't need a brand new one. Everything was in his name. Almost immediately he sells it to carmax and gets some old cheap no frills sedan with roll-up windows. In the post titled "AITA for seeking my biological fatThey call my son at work and tell him what I said. Apparen My advice to somebody in the OP’s position would be to have the heirloom in question appraised, decide the minimum price they’re willing to settle for, offer relatives first refusal at 25% over that price, and, if somebody is willing to buy, allow themselves to be bartered down to the minimum price in the name of family. Just because a rent is under market doesn’t mean the family m Agreed 100% kids are priority to parents. I've had to push my parents away for the sake of my children. The world they grew up in, the idea of manliness, and femininity. It's antiquated, and just plain wrong. When they questioned my kids, I had a talk with them. They learned from it, and they are awesome grandparents.I love my son and hubs and I are focused on raising him right, but if he ever did something like that, I really hope I don't lose my mind and say something so hateful. I will always love my son, but I hope I would also be the same one to drag him off to jail myself if he dares hurt someone he supposed to love and care for. As well as cheat. I have two kids; Erin (16F) & Luca. (15M) A bride-to-be's brother wanted to know if he was in the wrong for wit4. I don’t expect to be taken care of when I get o Please view our voting guide here, and remember to use only one judgement in your comment. OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole: 1)selling my son's furniture to get my debts back 2) not waiting for him to reason and pay back or just empty the apartment and rent to someone else without selling the ... Your son's name is on the title. You have zero right to charge him any form of rent - he is an equal owner to you at this point. His paying the taxes and insurance is reasonable since he is using the home as a primary residence, but he is an equal owner and thus has equal right to use of the property. AITA for selling "my daughter's" car? I (56M) have AITA? Comment down below and make sure to subscribe!Channel link: get 1/3 to 1/2 of the estate depending on the state you are in. You get reimbursed from the estate for ANY outlays, back child support, etc ... not just from the house, but the estate. If no money in the estate, then you can go after the beneficiaries. AITA for making my son sell an inherited car? @CuratedChronicl[OP shares ‘AITA for calling my daughters fathA few days ago, my bio-son Jonah (not real name A couple of years ago, my parents sold the property they have held since 1978. It made myself, my children, and my brother all sad that it was sold. I would have *loved* to have kept it in the family. But, we just couldn't afford to purchase it. C'est la vie! Dreams are good to have, but sometimes you have to face reality.